It’s your sister’s birthday, your best friend’s bridal shower, your husband’s retirement party, or even a function at work. Each cookie is carefully baked and decorated using all of the special event details as inspiration to design pieces of edible art for
life’s biggest and fun moments.

Besides, who doesn’t love beautiful cookies that are also delicious?

My cookies are for LOCAL PICK-UP in the HOUSTON, TX AREA ONLY.



Please see examples of my work (more on instagram) and information on pricing below.


Logo Cookies


Custom Sets

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Custom cookies sets will be vanilla bean & must have the same theme for the entire set.


  • Up to 5 basic shapes

  • Up to 3 colors, plus white

  • This is for non-elaborate, minimalistic cookies.

$65 per dozen with a 2-dozen minimum.


  • Up to 6 shapes/designs

  • Up to 5 colors, plus white

  • Details including metallic and floral if requested

$75 per dozen with a 2-dozen minimum​


  • Unlimited designs

  • 6+ colors, plus white

  • Very detailed including metallics, floral, and hand-painting/watercolor if requested

$90 per dozen with a 2-dozen minimum​


  • Your logo on a cookie- pricing depends on difficulty of logo

  • 1 dozen minimum

$5-$8 per cookie (you can mix a dozen of these in with any of the above sets)

When filling out the custom order request form, please be specific so I can get the best idea of your expectations. 


If you are interested in purchasing cookies for your event, please fill out the form on the contact page and provide me with as many details about your event as possible. Inspiration pictures are encouraged (if you have an invitation, decorations, or mood board for your event, attaching that to the form is always helpful).
No two sets that I create are the same and I will not copy anyone else's work exactly.

It's always best for me to have creative control when making a cookie set.

Each cookie is packaged in a cellophane bag for freshness.

If you would like cookies packaged as favors with twine or ribbon there is a charge of $10 per dozen.

My cookies are baked with quality ingredients and sprinkled with a lot of love and a little Jesus. 

This food is made in a home kitchen and is not inspected by the Department of State Health Services
or a local health department.


Please note the list of ingredients for any allergy concerns:

Ingredients in decorated cookies - butter, eggs, sugar, flour, pure vanilla bean paste,
powdered sugar, meringue powder.
An assortment of food coloring gels are used in creating various icing colors as well.